Dealing with an Emergency Situation

Dealing with an Emergency Situation

The Complete, Portable Defibrillator Package: What You Should Be Getting When You Buy It

Daria Riedijk

These days, it pays to be prepared. It does not matter what the situation, it helps to keep all kinds of portable first aid and medical devices on hand because you never quite know what kind of situation you will encounter. That said, if you order something like a Heartsine 450P AED package, you should know exactly what you are getting and how to use it. If you buy such a product anytime soon, make sure you tick off all of the right boxes once you receive your portable defibrillator kit. 

The Defibrillator Itself

If this is not in your box when you receive it, you should call the company you ordered it from right away. It is the main machine in the package, and nothing else in the package is going to do you (or anybody else) any good in an emergency. It would be very unusual, too, to receive a defibrillator machine that is anything other than what was pictured in the online product listing. If your machine does not look like the one you had planned to buy, call the seller to find out why. Sometimes there is an updated/upgraded machine that is swapped in for the older model, and in that case, the company should have included an explanation. If it is essentially the same machine but a different look/housing, you are fine. 

Extra Defib Pads

Defibrillator pads are a one-time use product. When you order a complete kit, extra pads should be included. Some kits include both adult and child pads, although it would be very rare for you to use and/or need the child defibrillator pads. Either way, check for the extra pads and wires to make sure they are there in your kit. 

Skin Gel

Shocking the heart passes an electrical current through the skin to the entire body. Sometimes burns to the skin are the result, but this is less likely if you use a little skin gel. A tube of this gel should be in your package. You do not need a lot of it; it should be just enough to moisten the skin and prevent burns while providing a better conduit for the shock pads. 

Charging Cord

These portable defibrillators hold charges until used. Once they are used, they are tapped out of electrical "juice." You will need to plug it into a wall outlet and recharge it. Make sure the charging cord is in the box with everything else you will need. 

For more information, contact a company like Urban Rescue Solutions.


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Dealing with an Emergency Situation

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